Where To Drop Off Fios Equipment

Return Options: Return rented equipment to The UPS Store nearest you. Check here. You do not need to box up equipment. Equipment serial numbers will be scanned and returned to Verizon. Be sure to get receipt for your records. Contact Verizon at 1.800. Verizon (1.800. 837.4966) if you have any questions.

Where do I return my Verizon device?

Items bought at a Verizon store, on or with our Customer Service can be turned in at a Verizon store for 30-day returns and exchanges and for trade-ins.

How do I cancel my FIOS equipment and return?

If you’d still like to cancel, give us a call Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 5:00pm EST, at 1.844. 837.2262. Remember to have your account information handy. Once your service is cancelled, don’t forget to utilize My Verizon to check the status of your final bill, equipment return, and refunds, if applicable.

What do I do with my old Verizon router?

If you want to return it, you can drop it off at a FIOS store or at a UPS store. Hang on to the receipt in case VZ tries to bill you for the old router. They’ve been known to do that.

Does Verizon FIOS have stores?

At many (but not all) of the Verizon Fios TV store locations below you can: Order Verizon products and services.

How do I call Verizon?

+1 800-922-0204.

Is Verizon Fios different than Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Wireless is an entirely separate divison from the side of the company which supports FIOS/consumer markets. So they have different login’s.

Do I need to return Verizon modem?

What is this? Once you have canceled your Verizon service, you must return any and all equipment you have rented from Verizon within 30 days of cancellation.

How do I cancel my FIOS cable and keep Internet?

Yes. Call 1800 Verizon and get a customer service representative. If you can’t get one, say cancel service (or the like). You should get someone then.

How much does it cost to cancel my Verizon plan?

Verizon charges an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $350 through the first six months of service. The termination fee declines gradually over the course of the rest of the contract, including $10 per month for months 7-17; $20 per month for months 18-22, and $60 upon completion of the 23rd month.

Is it safe to throw away a router?

Can I Throw Away an Old Router? You should not dispose of your old routers via your council collected general waste and recycling bins. This is because your router will fall into the category of waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling or WEEE for short.

How do I dispose of an old wireless router?

How To Dispose of the Old Router Contact a Local Recycling Centre. The best way to get rid of your old router is by contacting a recycling centre in your local area. Donate Your Old Router. Use it as a Guest WiFi or Network Switch.

Can I use my old Verizon router as an extender?

you can use your old router with the new one in access point mode. you can have it bridged as to broadcast its own SSID like any repeater you purchase in the store.

What is the difference between a Verizon store and a Verizon authorized retailer?

What Is the Difference Between Verizon And Verizon Authorized Retailer? Verizon stores are fully owned by Verizon themselves, whereas authorized retailers are owned by private individuals authorized to sell Verizon products. Another difference is the return policy.

How do I get a new cable box from Verizon?

If you are an active Verizon Fios TV – Private subscriber, you may upgrade your Set Top Box (STB) to a DVR by calling Verizon at 1.800. VERIZON (1.800. 837.4966).

Who is Victra Verizon?

Victra is the leading exclusive premium retailer for Verizon Wireless products and services. Our knowledgeable and dedicated store consultants and managers offer a full range of wireless devices including phones, tablets, mobile broadband, wearable technology, accessories and product insurance.

What does *# 21 do to your phone?

*#21# – Displays call forwarding status. ##002# + “Call” – Disables all call forwarding.

Is Netflix free with Verizon FIOS?

Verizon Fios is helping customers do just that with a free year of Netflix premium. New customers who purchase Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection Internet or Fios Gigabit Connection Triple Play with a 2-year agreement will receive twelve months free of Netflix premium, an over $190 value.

How do I terminate my Verizon service?

The only way to cancel is to head into a Verizon store in person or call Verizon’s customer service line. They need to be able to verify who you are before they go losing any money – ahem, canceling someone’s account. If you want to cancel, you can call Verizon’s cancellation line at 1-844-837-2262.

Is Verizon FIOS fiber to the home?

FiOS is just one version of fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-premises Internet access. More than 10 million homes worldwide already have this service, and experts at the FTTH Council say that number is growing.

How much is Verizon Fios a month?

Verizon Fios internet packages and pricing Plan Price Download speeds up to Gigabit Connection $79.99/mo.§ 940 Mbps Fios Home Internet 400/400 $59.99/mo.§ 400 Mbps Fios Home Internet 200/200 $39.99/mo.° 200 Mbps.

Is Verizon Fios unlimited?

Verizon’s “unlimited” data FiOS internet plans really are unlimited for most consumers; use a terabyte or three in a month, and you probably won’t hear anything from the company. FiOS data plans are marketed as being free of the hard data caps that Comcast customers must constantly be mindful of.

What FIOS equipment needs to be returned?

Re: What equipment do I have to return? You need to return the router, STBs and remotes. The ONT, BBU and PSU can remain. Unplug the power to the PSU and open the BBU and disconnect the battery.

Do I return Verizon FIOS ONT?

You don’t return the ONT. It stays with the house, you move, it doesn’t.

Can you cancel Verizon Fios within 30 days?

Verizon Fios IS is subject to a thirty-(30) calendar day money-back guarantee, which begins upon billing. During this thirty (30) day period you may cancel the Service and receive a full refund of all monthly charges paid as well as any one-time charges and equipment charges paid to Verizon.

Can you downgrade Verizon FIOS plan?

You can change your plans through the My Verizon website. When you switch plans, you may have the option to select when you’d like the plan change to take effect.

How much is Verizon Fios Internet only?

Verizon Fios internet-only plans Package Price* Upload speeds up to Fios Gigabit Connection $79.99/mo. 880 Mbps Fios Internet 400/400 $59.99/mo. 400 Mbps Fios Internet 200/200 $39.99/mo. 200 Mbps.

Does Verizon prorated when you cancel?

Before You Cancel Your Fios – Verizon Doesn’t Prorate Your Bill.

How can I get out of my Verizon contract without paying?

Here are some ways to get out of your cell phone contract without paying the Early Termination Fee. Transfer to a Cell Carrier That Will Pay Your ETF. The Cell Provider Changes the Terms of the Contract. Transfer Your Contract to Someone Else. Complain Often, but do it the Right Way.

When can I cancel my Verizon plan?

You can cancel a line of Service within 30 days of accepting this Agreement without having to pay an early termination fee as long as you return, within the applicable return period, any equipment you purchased from us or one of our authorized retailers at a discount in connection with your acceptance of this Agreement.